Flirting Parties

Flirting Parties® are quite possibly the MOST fun way to spend a night!

NEW YORK POST describes Flirting Parties as “one part sexy singles event, one part speed dating session and one part informative dating class,” all rolled up into one unique social event. In addition to being a blast, everyone who attends this unique singles event will learn my favorite flirting tips and will have the opportunity to be flirty that night.

  • When you arrive you’ll be greeted at the door and introduced to whoever you’d like.
  • I’ll reveal my best flirting tips so you know how to be flirty in a confident and successful way.
  • I will offer everyone on-the-spot flirting tips regarding what you are doing right and what you may want to try in the future.
  • I will offer you personalized flirting tips and guide you towards success.

If you are not 100% comfortable meeting attractive single men or women, Flirting Parties were made for you!!! The next Flirting Party is currently being scheduled.  I’m looking forward to sharing my favorite flirting tips with you so that you know how to be flirty in a confident and successful way.


New York Post

Curious about what happens at a FLIRTING PARTY? The New York Post joined us and then wrote this intriguing article. In the newspaper the article was titled, “Tips From A Temptress!”

From Wallflower to Flirtastic

Craig Rogers, correspondent for attended a Flirting Party and wrote an insightful article about his experience. He called it, “From Wallflower to Flirtastic.”

I can’t thank Tracey enough for helping me to live “in the moment.” Once you showed me that by being lost in thought I was losing opportunities to meet men my whole world opened up. Lately I have been attracting more men than I ever thought possible and I wish I met you years ago. But I now know better than to harp on that!!!! You changed my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lisa B.

Brooklyn, NY

I had so much fun interacting with all sorts of women and it was truly eye opening to see how easy it was to approach women. It has been so much easier since our time together. It has only been a little while but I am now able to connect with women in ways I wasn’t able to before. Thank you Tracey! Jeff P.

Hoboken, NJ

It was great receiving feedback on my interactions with men from an outsider. I know that I have a narrow field for what I look for but it was interesting to learn that by being open-minded and talking to men who are not normally what I look for could still help me gain what I ultimately want to achieve. Thanks again. Tanya Dresner

New York, NY

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